Remote Learning

In the event that Capital Region schools are ordered to remote learning, this page will be a source for all school-to-home communication. The information below indicates how ASCA managed remote learning March 2020 - June 2020. Currently, this page is an archive of ASCA's remote learning. 

Distance Learning Material's Pick-up Information:
If your child is in need of materials or a Chromebook, please email or to arrange a pick-up. 

Great Parent & Student Distance Learning Websites - Click here!

Zoom Expectations and How To Presentation 

Teachers will communicate two times a day (8:30am and 2:30pm) with academic updates and check-ins; allowing families to manage their child's "academic time" on their own schedule. 

Click here to view helpful tips and how to talk to your child regarding COVID-19 

Click here to view a video helping to explain the pandemic to young children.

Catholic Resources: Click Here (Catholic movies, faith formation videos, audio talks, and great children’s videos)
Click here to access USCCB Resources

Printable Sheets: Great Printable Sheets (handwriting, cursive, draw and write, etc.)

Nursery Resource Guide & Assignments - Mrs. Donohue
PreK 1 (Early Childhood) Resource Guide & Assignments  - Mrs. Gallo
PreK 2 Resource Guide & Assignments  - Mrs. Venturiello

Kindergarten Resource Guide & Assignments - Mrs. Forth
Kindergarten Resource Guide & Assignment - Miss Durant

Grade 1 Resource Guide & Assignments - Miss Reilly
Grade 1 Resource Guide & Assignments - Miss Tsakopiakos

Grade 2 Resource Guide & Assignments - Mrs. Kienzle

Grade 3 Resource Guide & Assignments - Mrs. Farrigan

Grade 4 Resource Guide & Assignments - Miss Niles & Mrs. Nowosielski

Mrs. Salisbury - AIS Support & Remote Learning Coordinator
Art Resource Guide - Ms. Morris
Music Resource Guides - Mrs. Roorda
Physical Education Resource Guides Nursery - Gr. 5  - Coach Parker
Physical Education Resource Guides Grades 6-8  - Coach Parker
Technology/Library Assignments  - Mrs. D'Alessandro

Click Here for Middle School Teacher Contact Information
ELA - Miss Niles (Gr.5) & Miss Tegiacchi (Gr. 6-8)
Math - Mrs. May
Religion - Homeroom Teacher
Science - Mrs. Nowosielski
Social Studies - Mr. Calzone

GRADE 5 - Homeroom Mrs. Nowosielski
Grade 5 ELA
Grade 5 Math  
Grade 5 Science
Grade 5 Religion* (Miss Niles)
Grade 5 Social Studies

GRADE 6 - Homeroom Mr. Calzone
Grade 6 Religion
Grade 6 Math
Grade 6 Science   
Grade 6 ELA
Grade 6 Social Studies

GRADE 7 - Homeroom Mrs. May
Grade 7 Math 
Grade 7 Science
Grade 7 Religion
Grade 7 ELA 
Grade 7 Social Studies

GRADE 8 - Homeroom Miss Tegiacchi
Grade 8 Math 
Grade 8 Science
Grade 8 Religion
Grade 8 ELA 
Grade 8 Social Studies
Grade 8 Algebra